Another workshop!

Remember this how-to post? (If you missed it, check it out now!)  Maybe you read that post and even though we said it’s easy and simple to make, you’re like, “Uhmmm, I’m still sort of scared, I don’t know, what if I sew my fingers together?”

Well, we are having a workshop this Thursday night at 6:30 at WonderRoot where we are going to show you how to make yo-yos! Like we said before, yo-yos really are easy to make. They’re fast, too, which makes even a beginning seamstress or seamster (right?) feel accomplished. You can come to the workshop where we will provide all of these lovely materials for you, and then you can learn how to make them while talking to us and not sewing your fingers together, and then later, at home, you can make MORE yo-yos while watching Curb Your Enthusiasm or Cops or whatever floats your boat. And before you know it, you’ll have a sweet table runner/quilt/stain cover-upper!

You DO have to be a member of WonderRoot to come to this workshop, but that’s easy to do–go here, decide on either $10/month or $60/year, and say you heard about it through Creative Reuse. That last bit is important, because it means you will get free supplies to take home!

Getting a membership at WonderRoot not only gets you access to other excellent classes–Intro to Screenprinting, for example–it also will get you discounts at places like Sam Flax, Binders, and Park Grounds. Plus all of our workshops (and we have plenty of exciting ones coming up).

6:30 to 8:00! Materials provided! See you there!


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