Pop-Up Shop Alert!

We promised we’d tell you when WonderRoot Creative Reuse was going to Pop Up somewhere. We said, watch this blog, and Facebook, and Twitter, for upcoming Pop-Up Shops. Well, here it is, the Pop-Up Shop Alert. Tomorrow (or, if you’re reading this on Saturday, then it would be Today) from 10 am. to 5 p.m., we’ll be at the Atlanta Mini Maker Faire on the Georgia Tech campus.

The WonderRoot Creative Reuse tent at the Decatur Earth Day Celebration 2011
Some of you have asked us, “Where can we find you?” This is where. now. But be quick.

Pop-Up Shop at Decatur Greenfest

What’s a Pop-Up Shop? A place where we sell stuff. People have donated materials for arts and crafts, and we will sell it to you, cheap. Our purpose is to keep this stuff from being thrown away when there’s someone who can use it. That may be you!  But be quick, because the Pop-Up Shop will pop back down at 5 p.m. Saturday.

What is the Atlanta Mini Maker Faire? you ask. Sally described it in Wednesday’s blog post, so instead of repeating, let me refer you back to Wednesday:

What else will you see at the Atlanta Mini Maker Faire?
You can click here to see a list, but let me sum it up like this: Awesome!

Here are a few of the Makers that will be there, to give you an idea. Some will be selling their wares, and some will just be showing off their inventions:

A collection of African-American crochet designers and enthusiasts, sharing their “Funk, Function, and Fiber” with aspiring crafters.

Paper quilts, paper weights, unique artist books and journals, bookmarks, and hand-pulled prints.

Crafted with Zeal   
Video game-inspired soaps and papercrafts.

Stuff Charles Made
Weird electric scooters, analog Segways, tracked skateboards, and cute flying things.

Ceramadelics Light Sculptures
Organic, illuminating forms in clay outfitted with sensors, electronic components and color-changing LEDs.

Hey, this one sounds like sewing, knitting, and crafting:

Handcrafted Textile Sensors
A collection of textile pressure, bend, tilt, stretch and stroke sensors that can be made by hand from available conductive materials by using craft techniques such as sewing, knitting, and crafting.

YarnOK, that’s enough. I don’t want to give too much away. And I don’t want to distract you. This blog is about WonderRoot Creative Reuse, so stay focused, OK? And come see us. Saturday, 9/10/11. We’ll be selling cool materials for arts and crafts, cheap. Scraps and such. And yarn!


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