About WonderRoot Creative Reuse

WRCR = WonderRoot Creative Reuse. “Creative” is our middle name!

WonderRoot Creative Reuse is a project of WonderRoot (wonderroot.org) based in Atlanta, GA. The purpose of our program is to promote artistic expression, environmental awareness and community through the collection and redistribution of salvaged materials for creative reuse.

Currently we are focusing on fundraising, materials collection and distribution (keep an eye out for upcoming pop-up shops) as well as outreach in the form of craft parties, events and workshops. Our ULTIMATE goal is to be your source for gazillions of crazy things that have been diverted from our landfills to use for arts & crafts — cheap! We get new things all the time and offer monthly craft workshops for kids and adults making amazing art from materials that would otherwise be discarded. Where do these materials come from? All of the treasures that you’ll find through WonderRoot Creative Reuse have been donated by businesses and people. We keep lots of stuff out of landfills, and at the same time give teachers and artists and everyone — yes, everyone! — a fun source for “arts parts,” as they say in San Francisco.

How can you help?  We have so many ways!

1) VOLUNTEER: We’re looking to build a great volunteer list to help us work events, parties or pop-up shops.  Just email Sally at sally@wonderroot.org and we’ll get you in the loop!

2) DONATE STUFF: Do you have awesome stuff you can’t bear to throw away but that’s just gathering dust in your closet, garage, attic or yard?  Everyone does!  Just give it to us and we’ll make SURE it goes to good use.  Email Susan at susan@wonderroot.org and we’ll figure out how to get those things out of your way.

3) DONATE MONEY:  Please!  While we’re working with businesses and organizations to help us with fundraising (which takes time), we are relying on you guys (our closest supporters and friends) to make this dream come true.  You’ll start receiving phone calls and letters from us soon, but in the meantime you would really win our hearts by emailing us at creativereuse@wonderroot.org and gifting us whatever you can.  Can’t give now but want to later?  Email anyway!  Can’t give at all but want to tell us who can?  Email anyway!  We need all the help we can get.

4) SPREAD THE WORD: You can’t deny that this is one of the coolest things ever.  Tell your friends!  Share a link to our Facebook page (WonderRoot Creative Reuse) or twitter account (WRCRatl) and get people as excited about us as we are. We will appreciate any and every time you do this.  No doubt.

5) BUY STUFF: Every now and then we’ll have different ways to sell you guys some of the cool stuff we’ve been collecting; you’ll see pop-up flea market style sales at festivals or online special auctions, etc.  What we want is for you guys to come and buy this stuff for SUPER cheap and then go make some awesome art WHICH keeps it out of the landfills AND helps sustain our org.  We’ll tell you all about these things on Facebook and Twitter, etc.  Sounds awesome?  We know.  🙂

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4 Responses to About WonderRoot Creative Reuse

  1. Kathy Appleton says:

    Love this wacky, creative way to be original with whatever shows up. The roots of WR just keep spreading and I look forward to seeing what shows up and how these offerings will be repurposed into a “creative object of art”.

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  3. Very exciting, ladies! Keep me posted on your success! Kelley

    Kelley Carmichael,Casey, PsyD
    Executive Director

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