New stuff!

Hey-o folks! I’ve been sweating it out in the WRCR storage unit, reorganizing and whatnot, making room for these sweet new items that just came in. And, as usual, I got super excited about them and wanted to share. Take note:

1) A pile of nets! Get excited! Most in this lump are collected produce bags, like from onions and tangerines. These are definitely a must-have for any creative reuse center because the reuse possibilities are boundless. Anywhere from using these as coarse scrubbies for your dishes to embroidery mesh for a first-timer. A bath toy holder, a soundmaker, gift bags, ribbon–you name it, these things can become whatever you need them to be. Anyone else collecting them? Because we are ready for our pile to grow! (After, of course, you’ve exhausted every other use for them yourself.)


2) Fabric, as usual. This new batch is particularly noteworthy, however, as there’s a goodly amount of upholstery fabrics and faux suedes. And I’m talking yardage, folks. Purrrr.


3) Trim!


4) International flag garlands. Three of them! I got really excited about these, mainly because I’m an avid World Cup follower and proclaim allegiances to countries I really, let’s face it, have no ties to. Otherwise, they would be really great in a classroom or, since they’re transparent, maybe used some other way, like around pint glasses. Any ideas anyone?


5) Plasticware! Champagne flutes, bowls, tumbler lids, and–shout out to all you play-based and preschool teachers–tongs and serving utensils! LOTS of those, so let’s get our mimic-ing phase on, y’all!


6) A healthy re-up on felt rolls. These come from a local company called Plants on Walls, that makes vertical wall gardens. Basically, they take sheets of this material–which is not felt in the traditional sense, it’s really made from recycled plastic and is highly absorbent–and bolt it to backing in a way that makes pockets. Plants get placed in the pockets and then the whole thing can hang vertically. Pictured are the strips that get cut off in the process, which there seems to be a limitless supply of. Seriously, you guys, we need to put this stuff to work. Thoughts?


7) Dryer lint? Yep. Jars of dryer lint. I would explain how these came to be, but I honestly don’t know. In any case, it was just too esoteric to pass up and, quite frankly, I appreciated the efforts of this collector. Sooo…ideas thus far: tinder, bird nest material, replacer for stuffing or polyfill, fun “hair” or other similar topper. I think it would be really cool in one of those tactile books, or replaced for cotton balls. Anyone have experience felting this kind of stuff? Think it would work?


8) Giant blinky eyes! They have slots on the back for batteries, so I think the blinking can be arranged, so to speak. The person who donated these said she put them in a bubble keg and hung it up as a decoration for Halloween. But, yeah, super fun and this selfie was and is ridiculous. I mean, really.


9) Tree “cookie” and flag. I just stuck the flag in the hole in the dried out stump-slice to hold it for a minute, and then realized I was inadvertently making a statement about consumerism and patriotism. Whooaaaa, what now? Art, you guys. ART. (Don’t get it twisted.)


If any of these items interest you or if you’re curious as to what else we have in our home at Storage World, comment below or shoot an email to Happy summer and happy reusing, y’all!


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One Response to New stuff!

  1. Chad Helmick says:

    In looking to get rid of some old small film cameras and camera bags (not SLR cameras), I came across your organization. Do you have any need for such items for creative reuse?

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