New stuff! New shop!

If I had to pick just one thing I love about operating WonderRoot Creative Reuse–and between seeing kids eyes light up when they make something, or teaching an adult to sew, or hearing all your ideas for this or that item, it’d be a tough call, I assure you–it would be going through all your donations and sorting them. Granted, I’ve encountered some things that I wish I wore gloves when handling, but, overall, there are many thrills to be had in this process. Guess I was a born rummager.

Anyway, without further ado, let’s get to the goods we’ve received lately. We’ve had a bunch of you guys donate a bunch of stuff, and man oh man, did you deliver. In addition to a big box of patterns, canvases of all sizes (some even unopened!), an *almost* complete set of Prismacolor colored pencils (60-ish count), and some tile pieces, here’s really what got me excited:

1) Wooden beads are back! A little known secret: this was formerly one of those groovy car seat covers. We received two a while ago, and once we learned to dismantle the first one and promptly sold out, here’s the second. Many thanks to Susan for de-threading them!


2) A beeswax candle making kit. Includes beeswax, wicking, dipping sticks, and The Can of Mystery. Neither the donator nor the instructions in the box gave clues as to what is in The Can of Mystery, so we’ll just say that adventure is thrown in for free.


3) Fabric sample books! HOO-RAY! You guys have really been digging on these lately–and we do, too! These are great for small projects, like wallets or pouches, or, if you’re new to sewing, just dabbling around. Also, since you can find pieces of matching sizes, really fantastic for quilting. (No cutting!) Normally, we de-book them, and let you mix-and-match and stuff a bag of loose ones for $1. But I’d just thought I’d put the word out: if you want whole books, let us know!


4) And speaking of fabric: cha-ching! A much needed re-up in our fabric supply, yay! There’s even a whole pile of satins!


5) A Grumbacher oil paint set. Included: wooden case, two palettes (one wood, one clear plastic), various oil paints (condition unknown), brushes, spreaders, the other things in bottles I forgot to write down, and what I can only assume is a mixing dish. Guys, is it pretty apparent I am clueless about oil painting? Also included but not shown is a definitions list from Intro to Oil Painting at San Francisco State University, with the instructor’s contact info. How an oil paint set that attended class in San Francisco wound up here in Atlanta, we’ll never know. And that’s why I love this job. We’ll let you check the stuff out before suggesting a price. Wooden case is briefcase-size, super sturdy, though one of the hinges (shown top left half) is bent. Closes well, despite this.


6) Four lino cutters. FOUR. With blades. Unopened. CAN YOU TELL I’M EXCITED?! Let’s get together and make some stamps, y’all! Sets like these retail for $15-20 each. Your friendly creative reuse price? $5 each. BOOM.


7) And ohmigosh SLIDES!!!! When I expressed my elation to the person who donated these, she sighed, “Yeah, I thought you’d like those.” I love these, and, in fact, it’s really hard for me not to covet them. These will go quickly not because I’m hiding them in my super secret craft stash, but because they are super fun to use in projects. You guys know what’s up because our last slide donation lasted about 5 seconds at our previous pop-up shop.


8) Vintage needlecraft instructionals. You know what vintage instructionals get you, right? Vintage-looking things. Also good for collage materials and wistful nostalgia. People talked funny in the past, homies.


And I think that’s enough for now, y’all. Of course, now that I’ve wetted your appetite, you’re probably wondering how you can get your hands on these and our many other goods. Two ways: 1) email me directly at, 2) come visit our pop-up shop at the Piedmont Park Arts Festival, Saturday and Sunday August 17-18th.

Also, I’d like to mention, we could use some volunteers at this event. Two or three hours helping us man the shop gets you some snacks, whatever art materials you would like, and our undying devotion and love. Because, really, you being there means we can go to the bathroom and catch our breath, and that, friends, well…that helps us more than you would ever know. Plus, we want to hang with you! Til then, happy summer and happy reusing!

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3 Responses to New stuff! New shop!

  1. Susannah says:

    Has anyone talked to you about the oil set yet?
    I am interested!

  2. Richard says:

    How, where, when can I look at your stuff?

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