WonderRoot Creative Reuse at DeKalb County Green Expo

We’ve just added another pop-up shop to our Spring calender, so take note: the DeKalb County Green Expo is coming up on Saturday, April 20, from 9 a.m. – 1 p.m. Location: Georgia Piedmont Technical College in Clarkston. The address is 495 N Indian Creek Dr.,   Clarkston, GA 30021. Hope to see you there!

Logo for The Green Expo 2013

The Green EXPO is sponsored and organized by the DeKalb County Green Commission, Decatur Environmental Sustainability Board, Dunwoody Sustainability Commission and DeKalb County Commissioner Kathie Gannon – Super District 6. Continue reading

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New items!

Howdy, folks! Really excited here that the weather is shifting into spring, because you know what that means: festivals! We have a few coming up, so here’s a sneak peek of what you might find at our upcoming pop-up shops.

Before we get to that, though, just want to give a shout-out and hearty thanks to our friends at the Lifecycle Building Center. They’re like us, only reusing and redistributing building materials instead of art materials. You know how a person can girl-crush or have a bromance? Well, we do the reuse equivalent of that with the LBC, whatever you may call it. Reuse-mance? Recycrush? I dunno, but you should really really check them out. They’re doing amazing things, to put it mildly, and we’re always super happy to partner with them.


LBC partway through the Ebster gym floor demolition. It’s how they do.

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Crafting A Green World Launches Share and Swap

Share and Swap lg

Perhaps due to Valentine’s warm fuzzies still lingering about, we here at WonderRoot Creative Reuse want you to know that we love you. We love your faces as they light up when you realize you can get tons of ribbon and fabric and yarn for next to nothing costs. We love your dozens of questions about what a bubble keg is and what it could be used for. We love that you’re just as environmentally conscious as we are, sometimes moreso. We love the enthusiasm you show as we tell you how we wish to grow and get the word out. And, most obviously, we love your donations. No matter how they come to us–disorganized, disheveled, maybe even a little dingy–just receiving them makes our hearts swell.

But, as some of you may be aware, sometimes we can’t take in everything. It breaks our heart as much as it breaks your’s. More often than not, we try to find a home for your goods just because we don’t want you to throw them away so badly. We find ourselves saying, “If it doesn’t work for us, we’ll find someone who it does work for.” It works the other way, too. When we meet you at a festival or a pop-up shop and you say, “I’m really into working with ________,” we keep our eyes out for blank and get in touch with you if we find it. As much as we’d love to be your go-to source for unique and low-cost art supplies, we have no problem being the middle man. We just want things to get reused and stay out of the landfill!

So that’s why we’re so elated that our friends over at Crafting A Green World have launched a brand new Share & Swap forum, a free space where crafters can offer up craft supplies to give away, post for supplies that they need, and list supplies for trade. It works like an online classifieds system where you can post free ads to give away extra materials, ask for specific supplies, or arrange swaps. *Kind of* like what your local Creative Reuse center does, but 1) online, 2) more geared to your specific needs, 3) nationally based (who knew that someone in Colorado has the exact pair of knitting needles you’re looking for?!), and 4) all materials are free or exchanged on trade. You know we’ll be there, scouting around AND posting things, so check it out! (Also, tour around Crafting A Green World when you have a few extra minutes. Those people are craftastic!)

Til then luvlies, happy reusing!

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Pop Up shop alert, new goods, and FREE paint! Oh my!

First off, hello. Sorry it’s blah blah blah blog blog blog. Let’s get to the stuff already! Recent donations have included a healthy re-up in our rubber stamp/ink pad inventory, a few much needed fabric flowers, some instructional craft and DIY books, stencils and stencil-making tools (!), sponges, fabric (as usual), as well as these whimsical items I just had to share:

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Follow us to Dia de Los Muertos at Atlantic Station

Halloween night is almost over, and the best is yet to come: Atlanta Day of the Dead Celebration, a/k/a Dia de Los Muertos, on Sunday, November 4 at Atlantic Station. WonderRoot Creative Reuse is excited to present our craft activity again this year: We’ll be making mini altars using shoe boxes and all kinds of donated craft materials to decorate them with. Continue reading

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Busy Fall season for WonderRoot Creative Reuse — and YOU!

Been meaning to catch up with us in person? Want to buy some bubble kegs? Do you and your kids like to attend festivals that include make-and-take craft activities? Now’s the time! Here’s where we’re gonna be over the next few weeks — and don’t forget our monthly Sewing Basics workshop at the WonderRoot Community Arts Center!! Continue reading

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Celebrating the Emory University Class of 2016

You just never know where WonderRoot Creative Reuse will turn up next. This week, we went back to school, at least for a moment. You could almost say we were honorary members of the Emory University class of 2016, except they’re just so darn young! We were invited to provide a craft activity for Emory’s Freshman Orientation at McDonough Field on Sunday night.

Of course, we dreamed up a new creative reuse activity just for the event. We’re calling them garlands, though they may go by other names as well. Not quite banners, or pennants, OK … garlands. We used some beautiful fabric samples donated to us by a couple of sources, including Dedar, an Italian fabric design company with an office in Atlanta. We cut out background pieces, mostly triangle-shaped, and then added letters cut from contrasting fabrics. We strung these letters along pieces of ribbon and — voila, garlands! Every dorm room needs decor, right?

In addition, we supplied yarn for a collaborative art project: string art. Emory provided four large pieces of wood with nails embedded to form the numbers 2 0 1 6, and the students wrapped pieces of yarn around the nails until the numbers were all filled out.

We were only one small part of a large production that covered pretty much the whole field Sunday night. The students were welcomed by various campus sports organizations, and they enjoyed music, burritos, bubble tea, pizza, dancing, and bouncy houses. Yes, there was a bouncy house, and a bouncy boxing ring, and a few other giant inflatable games. We were so involved with our fabric project that we were oblivious to almost everything else except perhaps the music and dancing. We loved watching the students become engrossed in their fabric selections and garland assembly! Here are some photos from Emory’s Freshman Orientation, Class of 2016.

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