Pop Up shop alert, new goods, and FREE paint! Oh my!

First off, hello. Sorry it’s blah blah blah blog blog blog. Let’s get to the stuff already! Recent donations have included a healthy re-up in our rubber stamp/ink pad inventory, a few much needed fabric flowers, some instructional craft and DIY books, stencils and stencil-making tools (!), sponges, fabric (as usual), as well as these whimsical items I just had to share:

1) One lonely deck of a Spanish card game of some sort. Anyone ever played it? At first I thought this was a mini-tarot deck, but then I realized I just learned how to say ‘scorpion’ in Spanish. Very cool artwork, nonetheless. Can’t wait to see what you guys come up with using these!

2) Holy plastic six-pack rings, Batman! This is one of those items when you see one you go, “Nahhh,” but when you see a bunch you go, “Holy snorks, what can I do with these?!” I’ve been playing around with the idea of tying them together and using that as a canopy for a trellis or a “wall” to weave something into. What do you see?

3) These handy cheese crates! Let’s just say my day job puts me in contact with a bunch of these, and that, yes, they are so handy my house is now stocked full of them. Outside of functionality, who know’s what you can turn these into. The circular ones you could line with paper, mod podge, and voila, tiny tray! The rectangular ones can be stacked atop one another to become a desk organizer…I could go on and on, but that’s when you should chime in.

4) This one, lone, copy of Good Housekeeping from 1980. I gave it a brief flip-through and thought, “yeah, that’d be good collage material for something.” But now, now that I’ve taken the time to sit with it and read the interview with the dreamy Alan Alda, Dr. Joyce Brothers’ sage–albeit naive–advice, and the recipe for something called “Fudge Tunnels,” I’ve decided it is too precious to cut up. Oh, and the ads! The ads! Did you know there at one time was Raisin Chex? Or that you could send in for a Kraft marshmallow sleeping bag? I can get 15 cents of Golden Grahams with this coupon!?!? Not. For. Reuse.

5) Last but not least, just a few things of acrylic paint. By “a few,” what do I mean, exactly?

Most boxes contain 12 8-ounce bottles of acrylic or water based paint. This donation came to us via Plaid, the company that makes Mod Podge and all kinds of other craft supplies. They clear out their warehouses three or four times a year of batches they call “retains,” which I’m gathering are one-off batches that didn’t make it to the retail shelves for whatever persnickety reason. Well, per our agreement with Plaid, WE ARE GIVING THIS AWAY. That’s right I said: Paint! For FREE!

Our batch here dates to 2009. The colors aren’t sorted, and you may find the occasional bottle of glaze or Mod Podge. The bottles have handwritten labels with a product number on them, which I’ve been told you can go to the Plaid website and look up that way. I have been assured all are water-based paints. Each box looks something like this and they are FREE FREE FREE!!!!!

Please respond here or email sally@wonderroot.org to schedule a pick up.

As always, I’m sure you’re wondering where you’ll be able to find us to get all these awesome things. Our next pop up shop will be at a low-key festival right on the Beltline called Artisans on the Dock on Sunday December 2nd, 11am-5pm. It is presented by Kinetic Hive, an aerial/movement studio, so there will be music and various types of performances throughout the day as well. And food, too! Check out the event details here.

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3 Responses to Pop Up shop alert, new goods, and FREE paint! Oh my!

  1. k.e.h. says:

    sally i want those cards!!!

  2. Nicole says:

    Dear voice of WonderRoot what a great writer you are! Your writing elevates creative reuse in such a lovely way. Thanks and keep up the good stories you’re telling! a creative reuse fan in Cleveland OH

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