Follow us to Dia de Los Muertos at Atlantic Station

Halloween night is almost over, and the best is yet to come: Atlanta Day of the Dead Celebration, a/k/a Dia de Los Muertos, on Sunday, November 4 at Atlantic Station. WonderRoot Creative Reuse is excited to present our craft activity again this year: We’ll be making mini altars using shoe boxes and all kinds of donated craft materials to decorate them with.

Shoe boxes

We’ve been busy collecting shoe boxes and have accumulated quite a few, thanks to friends, neighbors, SQ/FT., Shoe Center,  Sports Authority and especially Abbadabba’s. Meanwhile, we’ve also been making tiny little candles in bottle caps. What’s an altar without candles?


Last year we tried this craft activity for the first time at the same event, and wow, was it a success. Children and adults made mini altars, and their creativity was amazing. One woman worked on her altar for over an hour, while her children and her mother waited for her.

Mini alter for Dia de Los Muertos

So, look for us at Atlantic Station on Sunday, Nov. 4, where you’ll also find music, dancing, food and traditional life-size altars.


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One of the founders of WonderRoot Creative Reuse.
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