Celebrating the Emory University Class of 2016

You just never know where WonderRoot Creative Reuse will turn up next. This week, we went back to school, at least for a moment. You could almost say we were honorary members of the Emory University class of 2016, except they’re just so darn young! We were invited to provide a craft activity for Emory’s Freshman Orientation at McDonough Field on Sunday night.

Of course, we dreamed up a new creative reuse activity just for the event. We’re calling them garlands, though they may go by other names as well. Not quite banners, or pennants, OK … garlands. We used some beautiful fabric samples donated to us by a couple of sources, including Dedar, an Italian fabric design company with an office in Atlanta. We cut out background pieces, mostly triangle-shaped, and then added letters cut from contrasting fabrics. We strung these letters along pieces of ribbon and — voila, garlands! Every dorm room needs decor, right?

In addition, we supplied yarn for a collaborative art project: string art. Emory provided four large pieces of wood with nails embedded to form the numbers 2 0 1 6, and the students wrapped pieces of yarn around the nails until the numbers were all filled out.

We were only one small part of a large production that covered pretty much the whole field Sunday night. The students were welcomed by various campus sports organizations, and they enjoyed music, burritos, bubble tea, pizza, dancing, and bouncy houses. Yes, there was a bouncy house, and a bouncy boxing ring, and a few other giant inflatable games. We were so involved with our fabric project that we were oblivious to almost everything else except perhaps the music and dancing. We loved watching the students become engrossed in their fabric selections and garland assembly! Here are some photos from Emory’s Freshman Orientation, Class of 2016.

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