Summer Craft Camps (and other news)

WonderRoot Summer Youth Programs = Cork Creatures ‘n Catchers

We hope you’ve been having some summer fun this season, because we have been funnin’ it up at WonderRoot all month long with kids from Nicholas House and Safari Camp in Cobb County. Groups of kids got to take advantage of all the WonderRoot facilities throughout the month, and the creative reuse program showed up with supplies to make cork creatures and habitats, paper flowers with tube vases, plastic bead necklaces, paper plate dreamcatchers, collages, and string art. In fact, we were too busy makin’ stuff to take pictures of it all! Needless to say, we think the kids had a good time, got to exercise their creative energies, and learned about all the fun ways one can recycle.

Paper plate dreamcatchers!

Some of the residents of the cork village, complete with “doghouse.”

Nicholas House is an organization that helps homeless families achieve self-sufficiency by providing a temporary place to live while identifying and addressing the root causes of their homelessness. Safari Camp is a faith-based summer day camp in Cobb County that occupies the kids all season long. As often is the case, the kids blew us away with their special brand of creativity, and we were so honored to spend time with them.

Kids from Safari Camp reusin’ it up. And our new volunteer, Meredith!

In other news: we started a new ongoing Sewing Basics workshop series! It’s more of an “open jam” session of sewing, and you can jump in whenever. If you have a machine, please bring it; otherwise, just bring yourself. Start a new project or just learn something new, it’s pretty open-ended. All levels of experience and non-experience welcome. The next one is August 11th, 3-5pm at the WonderRoot Community Arts Center. And if you can’t make it, don’t sweat: they’ll be going on each month!

Lastly, we’d like to wish our own Kerry Hill a prosperous new beginning as she embarks on an exciting adventure to attend graduate school in the Pacific Northwest. Kerry has been the cleverest one of us, our celebrated sign maker, and the most genuine voice on this blog. We know it’s not the last time we’ll hear from her, but we’d like to wish her well all the same. Good luck, Kerry!

And if you’re going to stick around beyond summer, stay tuned! LOTS planned.

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