Creative Reuse Springs! Into Action, Part 1

The past several weeks have been a blur for us, so busy we had to check in constantly about who was going to be where, when. We’re having fun! Still trying to get the word out about creative reuse … every time we appear at a festival, or a school, we love the opportunities to explain our concept: we collect materials that people are not using any more, anything that might be used for arts and crafts, and make these materials available to other people for low prices, much less than you would pay in a store. We’re inspiring art, building community, and being green! Gotta love it!

In April, WonderRoot brought the Creative Reuse pop-up shop to the East Atlanta Village Farmers Market and we had a blast there. Very well received. Encore requested. Maybe!! Stay tuned …

Children's craft table at Decatur Earth Day festival in Oakhurst.A few days later, we were proud to make our 2nd annual appearance at the Decatur Earth Day Celebration in the Oakhurst neighborhood. What a sweet little festival! In addition to a pop-up shop, we also presented a children’s craft activity thanks to our volunteer, Emy. This is where your wacky donations come into play: using those colorful cocktail napkins that someone had donated, we made colorful paper roses. Yes, a few petals drifted off with the wind, adding an unexpected element of surprise. Here are a couple of those roses in our own yarn vase:

Paper roses in a yarn-wrapped vase

Peace, Love & Bugs — the VW kind — another April festival, another crop of kids entranced by our bowl full of bottle caps. Turns out the owner of a certain VW van collects unique bottle caps and attaches them to the van with magnets. Thanks to his daughter visiting our pop-up shop at this festival, his display has grown! And how about those bubble kegs! The festival organizer, Atlanta Progressive Preschool, purchased all that we had in stock. Always a hit. It was a beautiful day for bubble kegs and hula hoops, as you can see here:

A special thanks to volunteer Mary Civille for her help at Peace, Love & Bugs!


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One of the founders of WonderRoot Creative Reuse.
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