The Unreal Has Happened

We have been blessed with the most incredible sponsor ever: Storage World on Panthersville Road. Not only have they generously donated use of one of their units to us, but they are always super nice, accommodating, and gracious. Please, please go check out their new Facebook page, website, or, better yet, one of their Express Mobile Storage units in person. They are crazy NICE, y’all, and a homegrown company with several locations in and around Atlanta.

So we’ve been there about a year (!) now, and, in that time, have come to discover that managing a creative reuse stockpile can get, well, out of hand quickly. We’ll admit: some of it was our fault…okay, all of it was our fault. We know that now. We have come to terms with the immense amount of shame associated with a vastly disorganized space. We now know how those people on Hoarders feel, and we will never judge them again. Artists would come and we would politely ask them to just completely ignore the  precariously balanced mountainous heap they were looking at. At one point, as I was digging out a particular item for an artist, he asked, “Has that stuff fallen on you yet? Like, when you’re alone? What would you do?” Good question.

The Before shot (shudder) (wince)

Aside from the embarrassment (which, really, was internally caused. Most people approached our unit with an awe-inspiring sense of adventure and non-judgement that I’ve ever seen in human beings), we knew that we were hindering ourselves. Cripes, you couldn’t even walk in without moving at least three items completely out of the unit. But we knew the method to our madness, and could work within it. Others, not so much. Some visiting artists would bravely tiptoe in, some would gingerly pick at what was up front, many tried just craning their necks to take it all in. As we watched them, it dawned on us: if we couldn’t get to it, neither could they. The people we were trying to help were hindered as much as us. Thus, our purpose defeated.

I almost died here once.

So, we admitted our problem. We asked for help–and got it from some amazing individuals. And then we Clean Sweep-ed ourselves:

The After shot (hooray!)

Ahhhhhh, the non-toppling-ness of it all!

Not only can you walk in the unit (without removing items), you can walk around that island of shelves in the middle. Standing in it, it doesn’t feel like the same space–probably because I’m standing in it, in corners my feet have never touched–but maybe also because it’s starting to take shape. It’s not some amorphous, hazardous pile; it’s more solid now, like it has some foundation. When we moved into Storage World a year ago, we had just gotten our name, had way less stock than what’s in there now, had never done a pop-up shop or workshop in our lives, and could in no way call five random people to come and help us sort through things on a hot day. We know we have a long journey to continue on and a lot more growing to do, but these growth spurts, messy and disorganized as they are, remind us of how far we have come already.

The During shot. Whoasville.

And we have lots more growing to do, so stay tuned! Thanks for watching, y’all!

And this lil' guy now greets you outside! What should his name be?

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One Response to The Unreal Has Happened

  1. Judith Johnson says:

    It looks wonderful. Great job to get organized. Judith

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