Fun day with YELLS

As we bask in the afterglow of Wonderglo, we realize we forgot to tell you all about our fun day with YELLS, a youth service organization based in Marietta. Modeled after the Big Brothers Big Sisters program, YELLS–Youth Empowerment through Learning, Leading, and Serving–is an after school program where students from Marietta High School, or “Bigs,” mentor students from Park Street Elementary and Lockheed Elementary Schools, or “Littles.” When we visited, the theme of the week was Self-Esteem, and the Bigs asked us to bring quilt square supplies so the Littles could make pieces representing what they like about themselves. (The quilt square idea is so amazing and versatile, we don’t know why we don’t do it all the time. Check out our previous version here.) The kids got a big kick out of the possibilities of what their quilt square could stand for, and we hope the Bigs are better mentors for it. Check out the slideshow below to get a sense of the frenzy. We can’t wait to see the quilt as a whole!

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

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