Embroidery this weekend!

Even though the weather here in Atlanta is probably going to be a little schizophrenic for the rest of the month, the recent sunshine and warm temperatures have put me in a springy state of mind. I feel like I am coming out of my winter hibernation–instead of spending all my time under a quilt with some chili and a book, I feel like being active and making things!

French knots around a neckline!

If you are feeling similarly, this Saturday’s workshop is for you. Get ready to creatively reuse some of your old clothes! We are going to be covering the basics of embroidery, learning a few stitches and some techniques, and you will be able to put these new skills to work on your own clothing.

It is really easy to feel like you have acquired some new clothing items with just a little embroidery (not to mention the fact that it’s way cheaper than actually buying anything new). And because it can be such a quick process, you may be tempted to embroider things (lines? dots? miniature cupcakes?) onto all your clothes! Not that that is a bad thing.

Split stitch around some sleeves!

So at 2:00 on Saturday, bring whatever you want to spruce up–preferably it will be something that is not too stretchy so your vision won’t be distorted by the mysterious power of spandex–and be ready to learn some new tricks with a needle and thread!

If you aren’t a member of WonderRoot yet, that needs to happen before or when you arrive for the workshop! $10 is the cost for one month of WonderRoot membership (or $60/yearly) which is required for workshop attendance. Go to http://www.wonderroot.org/membership.htm to sign up. Your membership includes access to the Arts Center Open Access Studio Program, access to all WonderRoot arts education opportunities, discounts at Park Grounds Coffee, Sam Flax Art and Supply, Binders Art and Supply and more! (Youth under 18 are free; other membership opportunities and discounts for families are also available at wonderroot.org.)

PLEASE make sure you mention Creative Reuse when you sign up for your membership, and we’ll have some free take-home supplies for you!


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One Response to Embroidery this weekend!

  1. Jennifer Kraften says:

    Sounds fun! I’m already a member so I plan on being there.

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