Pinata Party Results

After teasing you with talk of pinatas and paint made from dried-up markers, it’s only fair that we report back on the results of our Pinata Party, aka WonderRoot Creative Reuse’s February workshop. It was messy, the fun kind of messy. We sprayed water color paints, hung fringe with glue, and ruffled up those cardboard cutouts until cereal boxes were completely unrecognizable when they found new life as animals, a cloud, a jellyfish, and a watermelon slice.

Creative reuse of telephone books

Do you paint the paper first, or cut the fringe first? We tried it both ways.

Instead of using crepe paper or tissue paper for the decorative fringe, we went deeper into creative reuse territory and tore pages from outdated phone books, the white pages. The newsprint texture was just right — it absorbed the paint colors and didn’t take too long to dry — and the rows of phone numbers added an interesting dimension to our fringe.

Here, you can join the party:

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