February Events!

Happy Groundhog Day, everyone! Just wanted to let you know what we have planned so far for this lover’s month:

First up, the Midway Pub in the East Atlanta Village is hosting A Valentine’s Day Artists and Crafters Market similar to the holiday one they threw back in December. There will be makers of all sorts hocking their one-of-a-kind wares, including us, and the event is to raise funds for the East Atlanta Community Association, which is currently trying to establish a recycling program in the neighborhood. Talk about worthy causes! It’s free to attend and will be held Saturday, February 11th, from 12-5pm, in/near/around the patio of the Midway, rain or shine.

Also, this month’s workshop, inspired by Kerry’s last post and our deep-seated desires, will have us making mini pinatas! We love pinatas so much, we don’t need a special occasion or holiday to make one. (Really: is it Thursday? Let’s make a pinata!) The brillant part about this workshop is that we’ll be making these adorable treasure-holders out of things you’d normally throw out (or, hopefully, at least put in the recycle bin): cereal boxes, telephone books, and half-used markers. Want to see how we do it? Or rather, want to make a pinata for making a pinata’s sake? Come by, then! Even better, bring your leftover Valentine’s candy as your filler! The workshop will be held Saturday, February 18th, 2-4pm at the WonderRoot Arts Center. The cost is $10** if you’re not a WonderRoot member already, and, if you mention Creative Reuse when you sign up, we’ll give you take home supplies! But you should probably be a member already, if you know what’s good for you.

**$10 is the cost for one month of WonderRoot membership (or $60/yearly) which is required for workshop attendance. Go to http://www.wonderroot.org/membership.htm to sign up. Your membership includes access to the Arts Center Open Access Studio Program, access to all WonderRoot arts education opportunities, discounts at Park Grounds Coffee, Sam Flax Art and Supply, Binders Art and Supply and more! (Youth under 18 are free; other membership opportunities and discounts for families are also available at wonderroot.org.)

Hope we can see some of you this month at one or both of these events. If not, happy reusing until then!

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