Making stuff: Pinatas!

Right before Christmas, I was looking for something kind of unusual to make (and something I’d never made before) for my beau. I can’t remember how I found this, but I somehow stumbled across this amazing tutorial for mini pinatas on the blog Oh Happy Day.

I’d never heard of this blog before, but after reading the mini pinata post, I found that she actually has a few posts about pinatas!

The thing I like about this project is that it isn’t paper mache. I’m not usually in the mood for paper mache because it’s super messy and pretty involved, and for this project I needed to be able to pack things up quickly and hide all the evidence so he wouldn’t notice!

The tutorial for the mini pinatas calls for a cereal box for the structure. If you want to make your burro much bigger, like I did, you can just use an old cardboard box (I found one in the hallway of my building, and I guess saved my neighbor the trouble of walking down to the dumpster).

nearly done before I remembered to take pictures...

She also suggests using crepe paper (in folds, not rolls) but I couldn’t find it last-minute, so I used tissue paper and it was fine. Hopefully, to make this really a creative reuse project, you can find some old tissue paper left over from the holidays or lying around in your basement/attic/junk closet/under your bed.

Here is my finished product… I added some evil eyes and fangs, just because:

the burro hanging in my apartment!

Oh, and since you probably won’t want to destroy this pinata right after making it, you can put a little hidden door in the bottom. I cut this before I taped everything together, and after it was done, I was able to stash some gifts inside. The fringe hides it from view.

the secret door

I’m thinking about making some more pinatas but in different shapes and maybe incorporating some other reuse elements. If I do, I’ll post pictures. And if YOU make a pinata, tell us about it! Send us a picture at!

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3 Responses to Making stuff: Pinatas!

  1. courtney says:

    this is pretty awesome. the mexican in me wants to make one today.

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