New year, new workshops!

Hello, dear readers! Things have been a little quiet around here because of the holiday season, but we at WonderRoot Creative Reuse are coming out of hibernation and getting ready to buckle down again! We’re kicking off this year with a workshop. It isn’t an ordinary workshop, though–it’s more of an Arts ‘n Crafts Hour. There’s no pressure (not that there ever is!), we just want to gather and get some general CREATIVITY going.

Maybe this brings up thoughts of a New Years resolution (learn how to knit? how to embroider? We can help!) or maybe you’ve just been so busy that you haven’t had time to sit and create for the sake of creating! Either way, come hang out with us! Bring old projects you want to revive, new ones you want to start, etc. We will be prepared to revisit past workshops (functional origami, yo-yos, and the aforementioned knitting and embroidering) if you missed one!

In the meantime, what types of workshops would you want to attend this year? What have you been wanting to learn? We want to know! Leave your ideas in the comments or email us at

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About Kerry

One of the founders of Creative Reuse in Atlanta!
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