More Adventures in Embroidery!

Since my embroidery hoop project, I’ve moved on to bigger and better things–t-shirts! I’m not doing anything fancy or complicated, but I was getting to the point where I was so sick of my grubby t-shirts but didn’t really have the money to buy new things. So I decided to spruce up the old stuff. I made some tea, put on an episode of This American Life, and went to work.

For the first shirt, I was kind of nervous about making mistakes that would be in a really obvious place, so I just did a split stitch around the sleeves. Once I started, I realized that I could just follow the stitching that was already on the shirt, so it was actually kind of a straight line!

Split stitch around the sleeves

This only took about fifteen minutes or so.

I decided to do something different on the other shirt. I really like tiny details, so I put French knots around the neckline. It was even easier than doing the split stitch! The only thing that was kind of tricky was making sure that the knots were spaced evenly. I could have just taken a ball-point pen and drawn dots where the knots would be, but I tend to not pre-plan or take precautions when doing projects. (That’s not necessarily something I’m proud of, by the way.)

I like French knots so much because they’re fast, easy, and you can use them for lots of things. They could be arranged in a polka dot pattern to be more of a textured polka dot, or they could be scattered over a shirt in a confetti-ish way, or you could add them on to a shirt that already has a pattern and add to it. For instance, if you had something floral, you could put the French knots into the centers of the flowers.

Very versatile.

We had an awesome embroidery workshop a few months ago, which is where I picked up my skills, if you could even call them that. If you’re just starting to get into embroidery, I recommend checking out the website Sublime Stitching. That’s where I went to refresh my memory. They also have lots of patterns and project ideas.

More embroidery adventures are on the way! In the meantime, follow us on Facebook and Twitter and email us your projects at


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