Upcoming Workshop with Our New Hero Becky Striepe

Hey folks! First off, we had an amazing time at the Dia de Los Muertos celebration this past Sunday. Soooo many people came out and made mini altars out of donated shoeboxes and reused materials, and, let me tell you, they blew us away! Thanks for all the patience of those who participated because there were a LOT of you. We’ll have pics up here soon of everyone’s beautiful altars, so keep your peepers out.

In the meantime, though, we have a workshop coming up–and it’s a doozy. Becky Striepe, creator of Glue and Glitter (glueandglitter.com) and recently voted Best Indie Crafter by Creative Loafing will be leading us in making mod-inspired art out of reclaimed fabric and other reusable materials. It’s this Saturday, November 12th, 2-4pm, at the WonderRoot Community Arts Center, $10.* Becky is only (completely) amazing and sort of (totally) talented, so it’s high time you met her. Also, she’s eco-to-the-max, so how is she not our best friend yet?

We'll be making something like this Saturday at our next workshop!

I first learned of Glue and Glitter at my local coffeeshop, where adorable cup cozies would stare at me in my tired face whispering,”You love me. Take me home. Let me snuggle with your hand.” Next, in a totally different coffeeshop, I noticed whimsical and girlie aprons with giant cupcakes on them and handmade lunch and sandwich sacks and whaaaaat?–a kit to make your OWN lunch bag?! Who IS this person?!? Turns out, she’s a friend of a friend, and almost too willing to give up a Saturday afternoon to teach at WonderRoot for us.

A Glue and Glitter cup cozy.

In addition to her crafting business, Becky is a freelance writer, managing her own blogs (yep, plural), editing at Green Upgrader, and co-directing Crafting a Green World (which was the source for our project!). Cooking is also a big passion of her’s, which is what inspires her to make the things she makes: lunch totes, sandwich bags, napkins, the aforementioned cup cozies and “cupcaprons” (her term). So, simply put, she spends her time crafting and cooking and writing about crafting and cooking. I believe that’s what we call L.I.V.I.N., y’all.

Aside from livin-the-dream and being just so darn nice, what really makes us fall in love with Becky is that at the heart of it all she’s focused on the environment. Before she was a sewer, Becky made jewelry, and was deeply pained by the amount of waste created and lack of ethically-mined metals. With her sewing, she uses vintage, reclaimed, or eco-friendly fabric, and makes things that can replace disposable options–like napkins, plastic bags, and take out containers. “I’m a big believer in little changes—that things like packing your lunch for work or school or cooking at home rather than ordering takeout add up to make a big impact. If a Lunch Kit would get you packing your lunch, or a cute apron encourages you to get in the kitchen and put a meal together, I hope that I can make one to inspire you!” Her vegan cooking is eco-conscious as well, and, personally, I can’t wait to try out those Vegan Green Tea and Ginger Whoopie Pies.

Come meet Becky!

So! Saturday, November 12th, 2-4pm, come get schooled in how to be awesome like Becky and make some cool mod art with us. Most ages welcome and all materials provided (unless there’s a certain fabric you would specifically like to use). Oh! And you will also find Becky and her wares (and us) at the upcoming ICE Holiday Shopping Spectacular November 19th and 20th. More details on that to come. Hope to see you!

*$10 is the cost for one month of WonderRoot membership (or $60/yearly) which is required for workshop attendance. Go to http://www.wonderroot.org/membership.htm to sign up. Your membership includes access to the Arts Center Open Access Studio Program, access to all WonderRoot arts education opportunities, discounts at Park Grounds Coffee, Sam Flax Art and Supply, Binders Art and Supply and more! (Youth under 18 are free; other membership opportunities and discounts for families are also available at wonderroot.org.)PLEASE make sure you mention Creative Reuse when you sign up for your membership, and we’ll have some free take-home supplies for you!
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