Day of the Dead

Those of us that make up the WonderRoot Creative Reuse team are hoping that everyone has a fun (and safe) Halloween! And while we hope you will make sure, in the true Halloween spirit, to load up on sugar and horror movies, we also hope you will save some of that energy and enthusiasm for the Day of the Dead, or Dia de los Muertos.

Sugar Skulls!

Though Day of the Dead is celebrated in many countries, in Mexico it is pretty much a National Holiday. Friends and family gather for two days, November 1st and 2nd, to pray for and honor the memory of loved ones who have died. People build altars, which they adorn with things like marigolds, sugar skulls, and the favorite foods and beverages of the deceased. There’s many different ways to celebrate Dia de los Muertos, though; countries like Spain, Brazil, and Guatemala have their own traditions, ranging from festivals to staying overnight in cemeteries to flying kites.

I didn’t realize until somewhat recently that the Day of the Dead is actually celebrated right after Halloween. Though the two holidays share some minor similarities, in most ways they are pretty different, which is what makes me excited about celebrating both.

On Sunday, November 6th, we’re going to be hanging out in Atlantic Station’s Central Park for the 2nd annual Atlanta Day of the Dead celebration, put on by Lanza Group. The event runs from 12 to 5 and entrance is free. There is going to be so much to check out, including live music, an altar contest, cultural displays, and authentic Latino food. And since we’re going to be there, you can count on some serious crafting going on–we’re going to be doing a free make-n-take mini altar craft!

We hope to see you there! Come ready to be creative, eat some great food, and honor the dead.

An altar in Oaxaca, Mexico.

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Image credits: Mexico Cooks! and Laurie Beth Zuckerman.


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