Yarn Bracelets/Cuffs: A How-To

We’ve been pretty frank about our surplus of yarn, and make no mistake–we’re grateful for it. But, suffice it to say, it was high time we started to put it to use. Here’s a craft we did not so long ago at the Brookhaven Arts Festival. Not only did it show people how fun yarn can be off needles, but it also showed how nearly everyone has what it takes to make this project at home. So if you wind up in the presence of some kids on a rainy day, here’s a fun and easy way to get them occupied. Just, you know, make sure you have some yarn on hand, wink.

What you’ll need: toilet paper or paper towel cores, glue or glue stick, hole puncher or hole punching device, scissors, and, of course, yarn. (And if you don’t have any, now you know where to get some—cheeeeeep!)

First, make some cuts: cut the tp/pt core to a desired width, then cut it in half lengthwise. Make a small slit on one end on the lengthwise cut you just made. I did mine towards the top, but you can do it anywhere.





Next, punch some holes on each end of the lengthwise cut. These need to be about a quarter-inch in, and halfway on the length of the core.

Apply glue on the outside of the core. Take some yarn and thread a tail in the slit you made. Make sure the tail faces the back or “inside” of the core. This will act as a placeholder for the yarn.

Start wrapping! Wind the thread up and down the width of the core, or around the outside over the inside if you want to look at it that way. It helps to hold the tail end with one hand while wrapping the yarn with the other hand, and to move the yarn around instead of the core. Make sure your starter tail winds up under you first few wraps. You can do straight adjacent wraps, or go crazy and do zig-zag wraps (that method is fun if you work with two different yarns–now talk about crazy!). PS–Try not to wrap over the holes you made.


To finish, you’ll need to tuck the end tail into a slit. If you wrapped once and went back, use your original slit (as pictured); if you just went one way, make another slit like you did in the beginning and use that. Glue the tail on the inside of the core to secure it.

Next, cut a length of yarn and thread each end through a hole. Use this to tie the bracelet, or cuff if you’re with a gentleman, onto the wrist. Now you’re stylin’!


Sidenote: We think this project is best suited for ages 6 and up. If you’re working with younger kids, skip the yarn altogether. Have them paint or draw on the core, or use stickers or glue things on, or, with the glue on the core, have them roll the core in colored sand, confetti or shredded paper, or, if you dare, glitter.

Also, speaking of bracelets: we’d like to give Janet Hickey a shout out. We met Janet at the Brookhaven Arts Festival, and, in addition to making us her new friends, she walked home with a bevy of bottlecaps. Turns out, she made some bracelets out of them! Hooray for Janet! Check out her blog to see how she did it, and also her other amazing works. Thanks Janet!

Bottle cap bracelet by Janet Hickey

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