Fun with Paper! You’re invited …

Come learn the zen of folding paper at our workshop Saturday, and trust us–it really is that relaxing. We’ll be exploring “functional origami” this month by making paper mini boxes, picture frames and comic book wallets. (And, if we have time, the elusive crane.)

Why origami, why now? Well, it’s easy, addictive and relaxing, and it’s also practical. We’ll be making things that you can actually use when you take them home. Small boxes lovingly hold all kinds of things around the house or office, and you can also use them as gift boxes. Picture frames may be expensive, but you can make yours from paper that you already have at home, including newspaper and gift wrap.

origami boxes

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Yes, you can make gift boxes from wrapping paper, and your friends will think you are oh, so clever. We’ve got a selection of pretty papers for you to work with during the workshop.


Please note the time switch this month, as we’re trying to be more accommodating. The evening hours of our past workshops were inconvenient for some people, so we hope the Saturday afternoon schedule is better. Please let us know how that works for you.

You’ll need to be a member of WonderRoot to attend the creative reuse workshops, which is really easy to do: 1) go to, 2) pick which level you’d like to enroll ($10/month or $60/year), 3) in the “how did you hear about us?” box fill in “creative reuse, yo!,”** 4) attend our workshop, along with any other WonderRoot classes your heart desires for the length of your membership! **Be sure to complete step 3! Those who do get free supplies to take home with them! PS-Your WonderRoot membership also gets you discounts at groovy places such as Park Grounds Coffee. Discount on coffee?! You’re so there!

Fun with Paper. All supplies provided, just bring yourself. Most ages welcome. Saturday, 2-4 pm at WonderRoot. 982 Memorial Drive, Atlanta, GA 30316.

(This post co-written by Sally and Susan)


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One of the founders of WonderRoot Creative Reuse.
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