Brookhaven Arts Festival Recap

Wow, this weekend was crazy for the folks at WonderRoot Creative Reuse! On Saturday, we were at the Roswell Green Expo, making crafts and spreading the creative-reuse love. We were also–at the same time–hanging out at the Brookhaven Arts Festival, making bracelets out of reused yarn and cardboard, selling our wares, and talking to the beloved public. Then on Sunday, we headed back to Brookhaven for day 2 of the festival!

We weren’t entirely sure what to expect with this festival… it was, after all, our first arts festival, and though Brookhaven isn’t far from us, it is farther than we had ever ventured in the name of WRCR. We suspected that the folks in Brookhaven might be different from our usual Decatur/Reynoldstown crowd–maybe, as Susan put it, “less green and more artsy.”

I think she was right. It was great, though! There’s no sense in promoting creative reuse exclusively to people who are already crunchily-inclined… it’s important to talk to everyone you can. The crowd at Brookhaven was definitely artsy, and friendly to boot. I think some of them were surprised by us, because the bulk of the vendors at the festival were selling beautiful handcrafted items. We really stood out as being particularly “green.”

Still, it was exciting when some of the first people to come up to our tent said, “This reminds me of something… this place I went in San Francisco.” One of us said, “Do you mean SCRAP?”

“Yeah, that’s it!!” they both cried out, and then began talking about how much they love SCRAP and the idea of creative reuse.

Here's Kerry modeling a yarn bracelet.

It seems to be that no pop-up shop (for us anyway) is really complete without a craft table. We made cuff bracelets with the kids, using cut-up toilet paper and paper towel cores and yarn. The idea was to put glue on the cardboard roll and wrap the yarn around it. It’s always fun to see the unique ideas that the kids come up with.

So there you have it. If you came and saw us at BAF, thanks! And if you didn’t, make sure to come and say hi, maybe pick up some fabric or or seashells when you’re there. Thanks, as always, to our lovely volunteers. Oh, and don’t forget to tell us about the projects you make with creative reuse in mind! We are always on the lookout for new ideas.

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