Introducing our friends at Live Thrive!

As a Creative Reuse program, we get to roll with all sorts of crowds. If you’re familiar with some of our previous posts, you know we like to mix it up, hang with the found-object artists, the techy makers, the literati, the educators, other groups just trying to do some good out there (like the Refugee Sewing Society and Ritzy Rags) and, of course, the green people. Think of us as the football quarterback who stars in musicals and is the treasurer of the chess club. To put it simply, we like to make friends, and we think we’ve found another BFF in Live Thrive, an organization we’ll be partnering with this Saturday, October 15th at the Roswell Green Expo!

Live Thrive makes all things sustainable, environmental, and awesome happen. Founded and directed by Peggy Whitlow Ratcliffe, Live Thrive’s mission is to act as a platform for programs and projects that bring the community together to make a positive environmental impact. This is accomplished in a variety of ways: compiling one of the best online resources for green businesses and sustainable how-tos and tips I’ve ever seen in; organizing large-scale household hazardous waste and scrap drives in Atlanta; creating educational programs such as the Little Green Path and raising funds to get it implemented in schools; and partnering with like-minded groups (ahem) to help show the community exactly what it means to recycle. 

That’s the thing about Live Thrive–they’re not so much about telling, but about showing and doing; they want recycling to be done, and done properly, with the “real” end result in mind. For example, when I met with Peggy, she explained to me why prescription medications are an item to be collected at their recycling drives: because people would otherwise flush them down the toilet, thereby polluting the water supply and making extra steps necessary to get clean water. (It seems obvious to me now, but at the time it never occurred to me.) The gallons that were collected, about sixty of them–sixty!–were sent off to a finishing plant where they were burned, and the emissions from that burn were being used to power the plant and surrounding area. Yah, if you roll with Peggy, you learn lots and get all hopeful that there are people out there really, really trying to keep this planet in tact. Check out their website to meet their friends, such as the Atlanta Paint Disposal (who collect paint, remix, and beautify) and Gorilla Sacks (who take in old billboards and banners and make purses, totes, pencil cases, you name it).

Live Thrive also has a big focus on educating the young ones, allowing them to get hands-on and proactive from the get-go in hopes that the behavior will stick with them throughout their life. (Ever see a four-year old use an iPhone? It’s the same concept, only, y’know, saving the earth.) Get your kids involved, and learn how to lead by example, at the Metro Atlanta Kids Recycle Day on November 12th. Held at the Atlanta Civic Center from 9am-1pm, it’s a drive-up recycling drive and kid-item focused. Among other things, they’ll be collecting plastic toys, bikes, gently used coats, and sports equipment. Live Thrive will make sure items donated will find a new home at other worthwhile organizations or the proper disposal that’s the most eco-friendly.

Oh, and come meet Peggy in person, and see your pals WonderRoot Creative Reuse in action at the Roswell Green Expo, Hembree Park, Saturday October 15th, 10am-2pm. We’ll be crafting it up, fall-style, spreading the word, and, of course, making new friends. Hope to see you!

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