Maker Faire Recap, Slideshow-style

The Atlanta Mini Maker Faire has come and gone, folks. When I posted about it last, I was in the midst of making preparations for it, and I admitted that we had no idea what to expect–aside from some robot presence. Well, of course it exceeded those incredibly low expectations because, in short, it was a total blast–and there were a TON of robots…and robotics…and robot-y activities. We met some amazing (real) people as well, who, like a certain bunch of us, just want to make awesome stuff. And it wasn’t all mechanical either: booth offerings ranged from fine art to handmade goods (like jewelry, wallets, and scarves), glassblowing to metal smithing, interactive installations and diy take-homes. Our Scrapbot project seemed to be a big hit with the kiddos! (Who knew you could sew styrofoam with a pipe cleaner? Uh, everyone except the adults.) Basically, a Maker Faire is all about making stuff, whether you use wiring or pipe cleaners or your plain ole hands, and enhancing the world around you. And because I’m terrible with a camera, here’s a slideshow of what we managed to capture which was, unfortunately, a fraction of all the fun. Hope you enjoy!

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2 Responses to Maker Faire Recap, Slideshow-style

  1. DekoMod says:

    Ditto on not knowing what to expect, and I was totally amazed. What fun! My kids left already asking when the next one was, and if we could make our own scrapbot at home. AND I enjoyed discovering WonderRoot…how did I not know about you before?!? I love what you’re doing — keep it up!

  2. Sally says:

    Thanks so much! There’s rumor of another Maker Faire in the spring. And as far as scrapbots at home, go, that’s awesome! YOU keep it up!

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