We’re ready gettin’ busy!

I’m sorry, that should have read “We’re busy gettin’ ready!,” but the excitement, and all the preparations for the Atlanta Mini Maker Faire, overcame me. The AMMF is a celebration of all things DIY, and brings together makers of anything and everything. It’s inspired by other Maker Faires held around the country and MAKE magazine (which, at one point, also brought us CRAFT magazine–both excellent sources). We don’t really know what to expect from who will be there, but we know they’re all very talented and seem to love robots. So, we’re assembling what we’re calling a scrapbot army:

Our minions!

And here’s a shot of their “Maker,” hahahahaahaa.

I hope he plays nicely with the other robots...

Ahem. The Faire is this Saturday, September 10th, 10am to 5pm, and held at Georgia Tech, and will be a creative good time. And it’s also free for everyone, so you have no excuse. PS–We’ll also be providing an artist’s table and a pop-up shop, so come get yer some! Cause we’re sooo busy!

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