A Wish List!

The four of us here at WonderRoot Creative Reuse have been pretty busy this summer. We’re definitely not complaining–the festivals, pop-ups, workshops, and other miscellaneous projects have been incredibly productive and exciting for us. But last night, as the heat finally began to subside, we relaxed over some late-summer burgers and began to talk about things that we really would love to acquire, to stumble across, and to see pop up in donations. At first it felt a little self-indulgent, but then we reminded ourselves that as far as programs go, we’re just babies! So we decided to just cast these longings out into The Universe in the form of a wish list.


-Shelving for our storage unit–essential for organization, so we can be even more efficient in getting things to YOU!

-A tent for festivals, 10′ x 10′, fireproof or fire-retardant. Our tent is becoming feeble and persnickety.

-Sewing machines–perfect for workshops!


-Paint (acrylic, oil, watercolor, tempera, gouache, etc) and paintbrushes

-And more than anything, a SPACE. Right now, of course, we come to you, which is great–we love you, after all!–but what if we had a place to spread out, an old warehouse or a commercial space, where you could come to us? You’d always know where we are! You could drop off donations and we could shake your hand and thank you in person!

So that’s the wish list. It’s out in The Universe now, so we’ll just see what happens. But while we’re at it, for the sake of making things easier for any potential donors, here’s a list of things that (for various reasons), we just can’t take right now:


-House paint and spray paint. We do, however, recommend that you take house-y things to the Habitat for Humanity Restore!

-Paper towel and toilet paper cardboard tubes.

-Furniture (with the exception of the aforementioned shelves!). We just don’t have enough space right now.

-Large pieces of glass–a space issue turns into a safety issue!

-Packing materials.

-Anything that could be considered hazardous or toxic in any way–old TVs, computers, etc.

-Clothes. Please support your local thrift store!

-Books that are not craft- or project-related. We don’t have enough space for novels, nonfiction, paperbacks, etc (though we do take comics). We also love our local bookstores and want you to give them all your unwanted books! Or take them to the library… the Decatur Library is having a book sale this weekend and they take donations all the time. And if you have unwanted books, check out Paperbackswap.com! It’s a fun and eco-friendly way to get new books and share your old ones with people all over the country.

That’s all for now, folks. If you have donations, get in touch with us! Email us at creativereuse@wonderroot.org or send us a message on Facebook. Follow us on Twitter–WRCRatl! Oh, and if you have any tips about how to acquire anything from our wish list, please share them with us!


About Kerry

One of the founders of Creative Reuse in Atlanta!
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