Papermaking as creative reuse

Ah, papermaking. It’s an art in itself. Because there are different techniques and and a variety of source materials, your finished product can be unique — and beautiful. I’ve seen handmade paper that included natural materials like grasses, twigs and leaves, or bits of ribbon, string and glitter. With all kinds of mix-ins, your possibilities are endless. Still, artistic papermaking usually begins with paper. I always thought that was funny, making paper out of paper. Oh, wait, it’s creative reuse!

handmade paper

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Here are some thoughts on papermaking from an artist, WhiteDragonPaper, who sells handmade paper on Etsy:

“Making paper is a meditative process for me. There’s something very relaxing to the simple, repetitive process. The end result of having a crisp, clean sheet of paper brings to mind endless possibilities. Anything that may have been upsetting or stressful before just melts away after I open up a whole world of opportunities with that one simple sheet of paper.”

For a few years I imagined that I was going to take up papermaking. I began to collect colorful bits of paper scraps, sorted by color. Back then we only recycled newspapers, not all kinds of office paper and household paper, so I truly was keeping these scraps out of the landfill. I purchased a papermaking kit, but the instructions were in French. I got out my French-English dictionary and translated, roughly. That’s as far as I got. I guess the inspiration faded.

What reminded me about papermaking this week was an email from the Robert C. Williams Paper Museum, forwarded to me by a friend.   The Robert C. Williams Paper Museum is located within the Institute of Paper, Science, and Technology, at Georgia Tech.

In addition to museum exhibits, they also have workshops, and coming up is the Teachers Open House, Thursday, November 17 from 4:00pm – 7:00pm.


Photo credit: Robert C.Williams Paper Museum

“Teachers and school administrators are invited to visit the Robert C. Williams Paper Museum at Georgia Tech for a Teacher’s Open House event. Tour the museum, make paper, and preview the museum’s newest exhibition and the new Paper in Our World gallery. Paper in Our World focuses on global warming and the important role that recycling, sustainability practices, and current research play in solving our environmental problems. Network with other educators and learn about school tours and workshops that offer teachers PLU opportunities.”

For more information, and to reserve spaces for the Teacher’s Open House Event, see

Have you made paper? If you have, send us a photo of it, and tell us how you made it and what you used it for.  Email


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