Reuse Sightings at Studio Z

Some days, it seems like creative reuse is everywhere you look. Not surprised to find it in an artist’s studio, though!  Cathy Ehrler is an artist who applies color everywhere — in her art, of course, and in her studio, inside and out. Outside, that would be the walled-in brick patio in the back. Walls, but not just any walls. Bottle cap mosaic walls. B o t t l e c a p s.

bottle cap mosaic wall

bottle cap sunburst wall

With a nod to WonderRoot’s Creative Reuse program, Cathy mentioned how nice it would be if there was a place you could go to buy bottle caps in bulk, instead of collecting them one bottle at a time. I didn’t ask her how long it took to collect all of those that adorn her patio walls, but I noticed that in an older photo, only one wall was “capped,” and today two walls sport the magical little metal circles.

And yes, there’s more. What do you get when you cover a door with tin can lids?

door covered in tin can lids

Pretty cool! Three-dimensional. Almost feels other-worldly, and mathematical at the same time. The can lids in the top layer are cut with a smooth edge can opener to minimize injury.

cork board made from wine corksGuess what Cathy donated to WonderRoot Creative Reuse? Her extra bottle caps, can lids and wine corks. (Among other things.)

You can see more of Cathy’s work at her web site, — or, even better, go to her studio this weekend and you can see her artwork and the creative reuse projects pictured above. Yes, this weekend! Cathy and several other artists are having a show at her studio. Here are the details:

Studio Z presents
Opening Reception Friday August 19 2011, 7-10 PM
Saturday August 20 and Sunday August 21 2011, noon to 5 PM
New Works Under $100
Cathy Ehrler, Kathy Rennell Forbes, Betsy Cozine, Jan Ross, Shannon Goines, Kathryn Leonard Eskew

Tell them WonderRoot Creative Reuse sent you.

PS–Don’t forget our embroidery workshop tonight! Embroidery’s good for just about anything and it’s super easy. Starts at 6:30, so come on down!


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2 Responses to Reuse Sightings at Studio Z

  1. Hope to see many of you at the Open Studio this weekend. You will love Cathy’s creative bottle caps, plus all the paintings by the artists at “Cathy, Kathy & Friends”.

  2. Alex says:

    Totally awesome!!!

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