More Reuse Sightings

I’m always super excited–like I just completed the scavenger hunt excited–to find examples of creative reuse around town. In fact, we probably should have a scavenger hunt on this soon, just to keep you on your toes.

The first comes to us from the Globe bar in Athens. Seems they fashioned a corkboard out of, well, corks. Quite handy since I’m sure they come across a ton of these in a given week. I’ve found corks to be a bit tricky to deal with, given their odd shapes and sizes, but it seems the folks at the Globe have made them fit quite nicely together. If you stop by, it’s right by the front door.

A corkboard made out of corks? Huh. Whoda thunk?

Two of my favorite Atlanta outfits, Dance Truck and Garden*Hood, banded together to make reuse magic. Dance Truck just had a show called PLOT at the Goat Farm (also a magical place), and as part of one of their sets, a “garden” of shoe plants had been arranged. Imagine coming upon a sight like this:

Shoe plants are your new friends.

and then enjoying some modern dance around it! After the show, Garden*Hood sold them to the general public (which, sadly, they’re out of at this point).

I literally stumbled upon this in front of Homegrown Decatur, a store full of local artisan and handmade goods. (And it’s also run and staffed by the artists! How cooperative of them!) Seems Theresa Taube of Sitting Pretty Fine refurbishes furniture with, in this case, mens’ neckties. So, if you’re cleaning out your closet, now you have TWO reuse ideas.

Next time, cleverly refurbished chair, watch where you're going.

All the single ladies: don't throw your man's stuff out, reuse it!

If YOU have seen any exciting examples of reuse, send them our way. Maybe we’ll get a game of “Reuse Bingo” going.

PS–Don’t forget our embroidery workshop tomorrow, Thursday August 18th! Embroidery’s good for just about anything and it’s super easy. Starts at 6:30, come learn ya some!

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