You bring the party, we’ll bring the art supplies

It’s just magical, what happens when you set out an array of paints, markers, glue, sequins, magazine photos and blank cards in a room full of adults and give them a little direction: “Make a postcard to a stranger.”

They create little pieces of art. Each postcard is unique, of course, and all seem inspired.
Postcard to a strangerThis was the scene at Kavarna coffee shop in Oakhurst on Friday night. We were there with WonderRoot’s Loose Change literary magazine folks for their Paper Anniversary party. We weren’t sure how many of these literary types would jump into the arts and crafts vibe at the back table, but wow, what a great turnout. Poets, writers, musicians — everyone’s an artist when you provide a few supplies and give them a mission.

Then, we put a twist on it. After each person created a card, he or she was invited to randomly select a card that had been made by someone else. Instantly, they owned a little piece of art with a special message for them: a postcard from a stranger.

Postcard to a strangerPostcard to a stranger

If you’re not familiar with us — WonderRoot Creative Reuse — then let me just say that all of the card stock and art supplies used for this event had been donated by people and businesses in the community. WonderRoot Creative Reuse (or WRCR as we sometimes call ourselves) collects donations of materials that can be used for arts and crafts. Most often, these materials come from people cleaning out their craft closets, or businesses discarding usable materials like paper samples. Read more about us here.

WonderRoot Creative Reuse was thrilled to help Loose Change, our WonderRoot sibling, celebrate their first anniversary in style. Did we mention there was music? Poetry readings? Short stories? Creative nonfiction? Add it all together, and there was magic.


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One of the founders of WonderRoot Creative Reuse.
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