Embroidery Hoop Art

Whenever I hear someone say that they don’t really make things or that they aren’t crafty and then follow it up with the phrase, “But I wish I was!” I always think to myself, “You totally can be! It’s easy!” I mean it’s not always easy–I wouldn’t call myself an expert with a sewing machine and I can barely knit–but it IS easy to find little ways to be crafty and artistic. People who say they aren’t crafty but wish they were are really missing out (and they KNOW it, I think!) because making things is fun and also, I’m convinced, good for you in some way.

So here’s a little quick crafty thing I threw together the other day. This isn’t quite a tutorial, but it’s so easy that it doesn’t really need a tutorial. Also, it’s super inexpensive.

All you need is a 5 minutes, an embroidery hoop and some fabric (and scissors) and voila! you have some sweet little piece of art to hang on your wall.

Just a couple of dinosaurs, chillin'.

You take an embroidery hoop and a piece of fabric that you think would look nice in your house or in a circular format. You can use the embroidery hoop as a kind of photo loop to compose your art–slide it around and see what looks good!

Then open the hoop via the handy screw at the top (which will later double as a hook!) and slide the fabric over the inner hoop, pulling it snug. Slide the outer, bigger hoop over that, so that you have trapped the fabric between the two circles. Then you start tightening that screw at the top and pulling the fabric tight, kind of alternating so you don’t stretch the fabric–tighten the screw, pull the fabric, tighten the screw, adjust here and there, etc. Then when you think you have it composed in a way that is pleasing to you, tighten it all the way–really tight!!–and turn it over, face-down. Take some scissors and snip all the extra fabric off so it’s not all flopsy and funny looking.

There you have it! Hang it on a wall and you are done.

The thing I really like about this project is that all I did was the bare minimum, but you can get really fancy with it. You could put canvas in it and paint something. You could pick out a pattern and kind of paint on the fabric itself, or stitch something onto it, or you could go crazy and get a square hoop (or is it called an embroidery square?). You could even EMBROIDER something onto it! In fact, once I learn how to embroider, I may add some little details to my dino scene.

Take pictures of what you make and send them to us at creativereuse@wonderroot.org! We love to see your art and projects.


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