Yarn, yarn, everywhere!

Polyester YarnToday we were fortunate enough to pick up 18 big, black garbage bags of yarn from our friends Alan and Barbara in Sandy Springs. Such a wonderful treat – and just in time for our August 18 workshop at the WonderRoot Community Center. We might also be gifting some of this wonderful stash to our good friends at Ritzy Rags in Decatur.  “Ritzy Rags weaves beautiful gift products from discarded fabrics while providing new employment opportunities for homeless and low-income adults.  This nonprofit venture of Initiative for Affordable Housing incorporates both recycling and job training to create colorful rugs, purses, totes and table linens.”


We’re so happy to be able to provide resources for teachers, students, artists AND ESPECIALLY other organizations who are trying to change the world along with us.  What can you give away that will help others this Sunday?


About Sydney

One of the 4 founders of WonderRoot Creative Reuse and DAMN proud of it!
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2 Responses to Yarn, yarn, everywhere!

  1. Whitney says:

    I have some extra fabric, not too much, but I’d love to donate it. Drop this at WonderRoot?


    • Sydney says:

      Hi Whitney! Thanks so much for contacting us. We’re excited about your fabric donation. We can certtainly work out a good day for you to drop off this fabric at the WonderRoot Community Center. First, I’ll just need to make sure someone is there to accept our donation. When would you like to drop it off? How much fabric do you estimate that you’ll be bringing? Thanks again, and we look forward to meeting you!

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