When Creative Reuse meets Art Teachers

Woo hoo, yesterday we felt like the WonderRoot Creative Reuse program had really arrived.  We had our first pop-up shop just for teachers. And not just any teachers, these were art teachers. They got some great deals on supplies by shopping at our tables. The artists’ canvases went quickly — we sold out of those right away. And the bubble kegs, again these were popular. (Eventually the Atlanta area will be dotted with bubble kegs. There’s something magical about them when they sparkle in the sunlight.)

Bubble kegs

Those magical bubble kegs

We accomplished two goals yesterday: we increased public awareness that there is a creative reuse program in Atlanta now, and we made contacts that could lead to mutually beneficial relationships in the future.

For example, several teachers expressed interest in having us come to their schools. One would like us to collaborate on an art activity in his classroom, and another would like us to bring our pop-up shop to her school. Quite a few signed up to be on our mailing list (email). Some suggested we contact their PTA.

CrayonsAre you an art teacher? How can WonderRoot Creative Reuse help you? We are available to bring a creative reuse pop-up shop to your school, or come to your classroom to do an activity built around materials we have. If your school is in desperate need of low-cost supplies — or if you know of a school that is — how can we get in touch with you?

If you have any thoughts about this, or suggestions, leave your comments below. If you are one of the art teachers who met WonderRoot Creative Reuse yesterday, please give us your feedback. [If you would rather respond privately, you can email us at creativereuse@wonderroot.org.] Thanks!

Loose Change logoP.S. All you literary types and WonderRoot friends, fans, and family: we’d love to see you at Kavarna next Friday, 8/12, for literary magazine Loose Change’s Paper Anniversary celebration. The WonderRoot Creative Reuse team will be there to provide some hands-on creative word-lover activities. 8:30 p.m. See you there!!


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One of the founders of WonderRoot Creative Reuse.
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2 Responses to When Creative Reuse meets Art Teachers

  1. I hate that I missed this! What you guys are doing is amazing! Childrens’ creativity is REALLY tapped into when they use non-traditional objects for creating art. Rock on and continue to do what you’re doing!!

  2. Roseanne says:

    I wish you guys could have a big ole bus refurbished for creative reuse (in lieu of a storefront, for now) and just drive to different schools and park in the parking lot. How cool would that be?

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