Volunteer with us!

During my stint at the East Bay Depot for Creative Reuse, I realized that nonprofits typically rely heavily on the support of their volunteers (it seems obvious now, but what did I know? Very little). In addition to our regular store staff, we had a team of dedicated volunteers that came in anywhere from once every other week to three times a week, just to help us out. They did inventory, brought out new donations from the loading dock, assisted customers, cleaned, and helped customers load larger purchases into their vehicles. They were a real fixture in the store, and we really would have struggled without them.

The same is true for us here at WonderRoot Creative Reuse! We love our volunteers and we often couldn’t do things without them. So this is a call for you past or potential volunteers to come out and participate in some creative reuse adventures.

The weekend of September 10th is going to be a hectic one for us here at WRCR. There are two amazing events happening simultaneously, and we need some volunteers so that we can be in two places at once! They are:

1. The Atlanta Mini Maker Faire! It’s from 10 to 5 on Georgia Tech’s campus and it’s going to be a smorgasbord (YES, a smorgasbord) of all things DIY. It’s a smaller version of the big Maker Faires in the Bay Area, Detroit, and New York that are put on by Make Magazine and O’Reilly Media. There will be makers there with their incredible creations–things to look at, fiddle with, and people to chit chat with (besides us, obviously!).

2. WonderRoot Creative Reuse has been invited to participate in Midtown Alliance’s Pop Up Shop Event, held in conjunction with this year’s country-wide Fashion’s Night Out. We’ll be at 999 Peachtree, bringing low-cost arts and crafts supplies to the public!

So… we need volunteers to help set up and staff the tables during these simultaneous events! We would love for you to bring your enthusiasm for creative reuse (even just an enthusiasm for thriftiness!) and your man- or lady-power to make these events successful.

As I said earlier, we love our volunteers. Thus, we hope to develop a relationship with anyone who gives us their time. If you are interested in helping out on September 10th, we would like to get acquainted with you–we could definitely use your help picking up donations of materials, for instance! And if you are qualified to lead a workshop at WonderRoot, we are open to that too.

To get in touch with us, drop us a line at creativereuse@wonderroot.org. We look forward to working with you!


About Kerry

One of the founders of Creative Reuse in Atlanta!
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2 Responses to Volunteer with us!

  1. Mary Civille says:

    Dang that Susan Reu — always “twisting” arms! Will be available to volunteer at 999 Peachtree on 09/10/2011, but I need some particulars!

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