Yarn, embroidery hoops and buttons, oh my!

Today I received an amazing phone call. A gentleman said his wife was cleaning out her yarn stash (he most certainly dYarnid not use that word) and they wanted to know if WonderRoot Creative Reuse would come pick up the yarn. Yes, I answered. What will you drive here, do you have a truck? he asked. No, we just use our personal cars. Well, he said, she has about 9 trash bags full of yarn. Oh. OK, then, we’ll bring the van!!

The other day, I received an email about yarn; a woman was cleaning out her basement and wanted to know if we would take her yarn. Yes! Today, I looked back at that email and discovered that this woman has the same last name as the man who called me today. Coincidence? I don’t think so. I wonder if he was just incredulous and had to find out for himself — “You mean there are people who will drive out here and take this yarn?” he might have asked his wife, shaking his head in disbelief. I hope I convinced him.

Two bins of yarn
When we have our pop-up shops at festivals, yarn is a very popular item. I’ve learned that some people are particular about their yarn, and they go through our bins looking for certain kinds. Also, we used yarn for our first Creative Reuse workshop, Intro to Knitting. I chose a soft buttery yellow that day because Erin, the instructor, said that people just learning to knit may do better with lighter colors as the strands are easier to see. Did I say strands? Is that even a yarn word?


We’re hoping that teachers will want some yarn as they get ready for the school year. We love teachers! And we’re going to visit the DeKalb County art teachers next week. Exciting!! So far we have only seen teachers one or two at a time, as they stroll by at festivals, usually with their children. We are bracing ourselves for a crowd of teachers all at once. Helping teachers get affordable art supplies to use in their classrooms is one of the reasons WonderRoot’s creative reuse program exists.

Is it time you cleaned out your yarn stash? Have left-over half-used skeins? Bought extra and never needed it? Call us and we will come pick it up. We’re also eager to get some more embroidery thread, embroidery hoops, and needles. We’ve had requests to offer an embroidery workshop, after we recently passed our supply of hoops to SoulShine Children’s Studio for their summer art programs.

ButtonsP.S. Buttons? You’ve been saving them for years, but you’ve given away the clothes that they came with. Gather up those buttons and maybe we’ll have a button drive. We need more buttons! We get requests for them.


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One of the founders of WonderRoot Creative Reuse.
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