Update: It’s a Quilt!

As one of the proud parents of the WonderRoot 3rd Anniversary Commemorative Quilt, I’m eager to show off the first picture:

WonderRoot 3rd Anniversary Commemorative Quilt

The finished quilt

It’s really a quilt, a real quilt!  If I sound excited, well, I am. We saw this project start out as an idea. Chris Appleton, Executive Director of WonderRoot, suggested that the Creative Reuse team come up with a collaborative project as a way to participate in WonderRoot’s 3rd Anniversary celebration back  in May. We said, what about a quilt? It seemed like a wild idea. Overly ambitious, perhaps. Definitely collaborative.

Being in the creative reuse business, we happened to have a stash of fabric scraps — tons, actually. So we staged a fabric cutting party complete with refreshments, scissors, cutting boards and rotary fabric cutters. We selected a mixture of solid and patterned fabric scraps and cut pieces in a uniform size. Of course, we cut way too many squares. Anybody need some pre-cut quilt squares?

We were delighted with the results at WonderRoot’s 3rd anniversary celebration as party people took a few minutes out to work with fabric, glue, buttons, feathers, etc. You can read more about that here.

The decorated squares were gently passed to a quilter who happens to be in the family — Sydney Ellis Gaskins’ mother-in-law, Diana Gaskins. Not only was she very generous with her time and skills, she was undaunted by the feathers, silk flowers and seashells adorning some of the fabric squares. The only piece she was unable to use was one bordered with Popsicle sticks. There was just no sewing that one!

Diana prepared smaller fabric strips to border each of the decorated squares. She invited us to her house, where we laid out each square along with the border strips, deciding what would go where. Here’s what it looked like at this stage:

Quilt in processAnd then, as if by magic, Diana stitched and pressed and, voila, it’s a quilt. I would like to say that your Creative Reuse team sat and toiled with needles and thread and pricked fingers for days, but, no, it was Diana and her lightening fast sewing machine that did the hard work. THANKS, DIANA!!

Thanks, also, to all of our talented collaborators — the staff, interns, members and guests of WonderRoot who came to the 3rd anniversary party and left their artistic marks on the individual quilt squares.

Now what? The finished quilt just begs to be oohed and ahhed over. Perhaps we will present it to Chris Appleton in a special ceremony. Perhaps it will hang on display at WonderRoot, 982 Memorial Drive, Atlanta, where you can view it. Perhaps WonderRoot will auction it off during a big fundraising event. Perhaps the bidding can start now.

Finished quilt part 3Finished quilt part 2Finished quilt part 1Thanks to Sally for taking these pictures!


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