Reuse Sighting(s)

Shew, whee, it’s hot out there folks! If you’ve been wondering where I’ve been this summer, I’ve been melting in our storage facility, completely overhauling the organization of our wares. Alas, our throw-it-in-and-everything-will-work-itself-out plan got the better of us, and it took a giant pile of styrofoam squares toppling on one of our loved ones to realize that there needs to be a method to our madness. (The hubs is ok, though he was pretty miffed on the car ride home, claiming the styrofoam “stabbed” him.)

The storage space at Storage World ( is lovely, though it’s higher than it is wider. This calls for some serious shelf action, but what’s a starting out non-profit to do? Well, get handy, of course! After a meeting at WonderRoot one day, I discovered a pile of palettes behind the neighboring Homegrown restaurant. It took just barely a “pretty please,” a few minutes on the internet, and some quality time with a hammer, and behold:

Not bad for a girl that doesn't know how to use a hammer.

There are more in the works, so there’s hope yet for our storage! Of course, now, I can’t be anywhere in town without scoping for palettes, or any other type of building reuse for that matter. Why, just today at one of our normal meeting places, we noticed this excellent coffee table made from a refurbished door! How did we not see this before?!

If their coffee table is this awesome, how's their coffee? (Um, awesomer.)

They used pipes to make the legs!

Way to go, Park Grounds! So, the moral of the story, kids, is that there’s creative reuse everywhere. Just keep your eyes peeled!

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One Response to Reuse Sighting(s)

  1. Amy Rush says:

    I’ve made a coffee table out of a small, vintage pinball machine that I found at a yard sale for $10. I added some glass on top (the original was missing) and some legs and it rocks!

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