The party is over; the quilt will remain

It was Saturday night, WonderRoot’s 3rd Anniversary party, and we had them quilting in the streets! Well, not exactly the streets, because technically we were in a driveway. And not exactly quilting, but on their way in to listen to some hot bands, party-goers stopped off at the WonderRoot Creative Reuse table to decorate individual quilt squares for the WonderRoot 3rd Anniversary Commemorative Quilt. We provided colorful fabric squares and a plethora of materials for decorating them, including paint, buttons, beads, trim, markers, shells, feathers and yarn.

WonderRoot's 3rd Anniversary

While we’re on the topic of supplies, we’d like to thank Prym Consumer USA Inc. for their generous contribution of Liquid Stitch(TM) by Dritz. Ever try to SEW a seashell onto fabric? Not gonna happen. We anticipated there’d be more gluing than sewing on this project, and we were right. So, thanks Prym, and Dritz!!

We had a blast with this event, and we were pleased with the turnout over at the quilt-square table. Though it was rather odd to ask people to “make a quilt” on their way to see a show, many couldn’t resist the call. Quite a few folks contributed, and we wish now that we had gotten all of their names! Here are a few: Orion, Kiki, Judith, Kwajelyn, Jaye, and of course yours truly, Susan, Sally, Kerry, and Sydney, the WonderRoot Creative Reuse team. Also, the most excellent Executive Director of WonderRoot, Chris Appleton, who pieced together his quilt square from smaller fabric pieces — resembling, of all things, a quilt, with the motto “Art Saves Lives” written on it. And if you witnessed the camaraderie and general gab session that occurred while strangers became acquaintances in the dark at a craft table, you’d agree.

WonderRoot's 3rd Anniversary

Sally pins up the quilt squares as they are completed.

Now what? We have asked a certain quilter to take the 45-50 squares decorated at this party and actually turn them into a real quilt. The finished quilt will belong to WonderRoot for display or perhaps to auction as a fundraiser.

Thanks to everyone who came out to the WonderRoot 3rd Anniversary celebration and helped create the WonderRoot 3rd Anniversary Commemorative Quilt. You’re awesome!

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One of the founders of WonderRoot Creative Reuse.
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3 Responses to The party is over; the quilt will remain

  1. Hey there! My husband just pointed me at you guys and I’m so excited! We used to shop at the Center for Creative Reuse in the bay area on a regular basis and I’ve missed it terribly since leaving there. If there is anything I can do to help, please let me know.

    I currently have a big box of fabric – mostly upholstery remnants – that I am ready to part with. Do you all have a use? If not, I’ll put it on Freecycle, but I wanted to support you first. 🙂

    Thanks for all your hard work! Looking forward to seeing what happens.

    • Susan says:

      Yes! We love getting donations of materials. Let’s communicate directly by email so we can set up a pick-up time. Thanks!!

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