Where we are

Third in a four-part series: Who we are, where we are, what we do, and why

“Where are you located?” people ask. “Everywhere!” is what we’d like to say … if we could be at every festival, every neighborhood outdoor market, and every craft show in the city, that is.

We knew before the creative reuse program was launched this year that we’d need to find additional real estate beyond the doors of the WonderRoot headquarters on Memorial Drive. Two reasons: First, the WonderRoot building is chock full, every inch of space dedicated to some specific artistic purpose like a recording studio, pottery studio, graphics editing lab, darkroom, music venue–you get it. Second, have you seen any of those creative reuse centers in other states? Some of them are huge! Part retail store, part warehouse, part art gallery, with rooms for workshops and birthday parties. So, as much as we love the WonderRoot building, we will need to branch out.

WonderRoot sign

Let’s just say that we have a lot of fundraising ahead of us before the WonderRoot Creative Reuse program can pay rent for a retail location. So for the time being, we’re mobile. We made our first festival appearance recently at the Decatur Earth Day Celebration in Oakhurst, and it felt like a roaring success. Now, we’re gearing up for Decatur Green Fest on May 7. In between, most of the creative reuse inventory is in a storage unit at Storage World on Panthersville Rd.

Storage World Logo

We love Storage World!! But gee do we need some shelving in there. (Hint: got any extra shelving around your place that you want to pass along?)

We know it’s possible for Atlanta to support a creative reuse center, because we’ve seen it work in other cities such as San Francisco, Portland, New York and Durham. We will raise enough money to open the store/workshop/gallery of our dreams. In the meantime, you’ll have to follow us on Facebook and here on our blog to keep up with where we are. And if you’re having a neighborhood festival, outdoor market or craft show, invite us! We’re everywhere!

Decatur Green Fest poster 20011

Next in the series:

What we do


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One of the founders of WonderRoot Creative Reuse.
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