Decatur Earth Day Celebration 2011

On April 17, the WonderRoot Creative Reuse program participated in its first festival, the Decatur Earth Day Celebration in Oakhurst. We set up our wares on Oakview Road, right across from the Oakhurst Community Garden Project. With the assistance of our plucky and enthusiastic volunteers, Jack and Jessica, we got to make terrariums and biodegradable planters with kids, we sold lots of reused materials, and we had the chance to talk to tons of people who didn’t know about us before (or who didn’t know what creative reuse was).

The WonderRoot Creative Reuse tent at Decatur Earth Day Celebration 2011

All of our inventory was priced incredibly low, which really helped people understand the benefits of reusing old materials. After Susan explained the concept of landfill diversion to one woman, the woman exclaimed, “Whoa! It’s like a thrift store, but for art supplies!” A little girl walked up to the table and stood pondering a box of ribbons. Then she asked, “So this is stuff that you use to make things!”

Shannon leads children's craft activities at Decatur Earth Day Celebration 2011

Our friend–and advisory board member–Shannon was kind enough to volunteer to lead activities for kids. She brought soil, pebbles, colored sand, moss, and dried cockscomb to build terrariums inside light bulbs! The kids were all over this project, and we saw them walking around with their completed terrariums for the rest of the afternoon.

Bubble kegs were a big hit at Decatur Earth Day Celebration 2011

The biggest hit of the day was the bubble kegs. For the first hour or two of the festival, we stood around wondering if anyone was going to notice them and recognize their great potential. Finally, a group of tweens made their way to our table, noticed the bubble kegs, and all had to have one! The bubble kegs had unlocked something for them–they were coming up with ideas to make space helmets, hamster balls, and lamps! Before we knew it, we had run out and were taking people’s information so that we could supply them with bubble kegs.

Children making terrariums at Decatur Earth Day Celebration 2011

The Earth Day Celebration was such a success and now we’re all pumped for Decatur Green Fest on May 7. Again we will spend the afternoon supplying artists, crafters, and young creatives with cheap supplies. We’ll be talking to people about creative reuse, about donations, and about potential uses for tiles, wood pieces, and fabric! We’ll need volunteers this time, too. If you have the time and want to spend a couple of hours hanging out and talking to people about reuse, we would love to have you. Even if you can’t volunteer, come hang out with us at the Decatur Courthouse Square, stock up on some materials, and put your name on our email list to stay in the loop!

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