Getting to know us: Kerry Hill

Photo of Kerry Hill

Kerry's here!

We’re proud to introduce the newest member of the WonderRoot Creative Reuse team, Kerry Hill. Kerry lives in Atlanta, grew up in Decatur, and just returned from a year (OK, almost a year) in Oakland, CA. We’re super glad she’s HERE now, because she brings the experience of having worked at The East Bay Depot for Creative Reuse! Yes! She worked there! We are so jealous. The rest of us will rely on her experience with evaluating and pricing materials that are donated for creative reuse. And when we get a storefront — which we hope to have in the next year — she will be invaluable with her experience of working in sales at the East Bay Depot.

What do you do with a degree from Agnes Scott College in Art History? Work in creative reuse, of course — which might offer the best combination of doing good (for the environment) and being around all that artsy stuff that can be repurposed for cool projects. Clearly, it was meant to be. When Kerry arrived in Oakland, she was walking around, saw the East Bay Depot for Creative Reuse, thought, “Wow, I’d like to work here,” dropped off her resume, and in a month she got the call. A month! She calls it luck, and we agree, she was in the right place at the right time.

What did she like most about working there? “How everything was different all the time. You never knew what was going to come in. Having access to all those art supplies.” (By “what was going to come in,” she’s referring to the materials that people donated, not to the customers!) She also liked that she felt she was making an impact on the environment. “You’d be surprised at the kind of stuff that people repurpose,” she said. Wine corks, she used to throw them away. Now she knows that people will buy them to make things with them.

Kerry’s very conscious of how her every-day decisions impact the environment. She tries to buy everything used, if she can, in thrift stores and vintage shops. And she buys food and spices in bulk at Sevananda to avoid the excess packaging that so many consumer products come wrapped in these days.

Photo of Kerry Hill

In Split, Croatia, next to the Adriatic.

Travel, reading and writing are some of Kerry’s other interests. A semester abroad in Hungary gave her the opportunity to travel in the Balkans, visit a friend in Paris, and visit Spain. She reads fiction and nonfiction, but mainly novels. She writes short fiction and essays. Not published yet, but she hopes to be one day!

Photo of Kerry Hill

Kerry collects ephemera including old postcards and photographs, and she’s fond of what she calls “weird knick-knacks,” those natural-history objects like rocks and bones. She has a scorpion from a famous, old taxidermy shop in Paris, and she’s even preserved a couple of interesting moths.

Next project: learning to make terrariums.

Welcome to the WonderRoot Creative Reuse team, Kerry!


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3 Responses to Getting to know us: Kerry Hill

  1. Ben says:

    Good Luck on your team! I am glad that there people exerting effort in the environment.

    But I must suggest. You should put pages or organize your posts. It’s hard to navigate the blog’s contents.

    Keep it up!

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