Who we are, where we are, what we do, and why

First in a four-part series.
Clearly too many topics to address in one blog entry! Phew, you say. You agree. Let’s break them down into separate bits, starting with the last. Why? Why why? Because that’s the most important!

WonderRoot Creative Reuse banner

Wembly the cat has an announcement.

Why a creative reuse program? Just think about “all those little things that don’t quite make it to the thrift stores but are too good for the trash.” This is a quote from Lisa Hernandez, an amazing woman who started the Long Beach Depot for Creative Reuse. (Read the full interview dated 2/25/2011 in the Long Beach Post. http://www.lbpost.com/life/sander/11130)

Many communities in the U.S. already have creative reuse programs, and now we at WonderRoot Creative Reuse are going to put Atlanta on the map. In these communities, nonprofit creative reuse programs have diverted tons — yes, tons — of material from the landfill. Who wants this stuff? Artists. Teachers. Crafters. Parents. Anyone who wants to explore creativity through art. Anyone who would love to purchase more art or craft supplies but just can’t afford the usual retail prices. Anyone who wants to make something! So much stuff gets thrown out. In the old days, if you were cleaning out your closet, you might have just tossed the unwanted items into the trash. Into the trash?!! Someone can use that stuff! What’s more, businesses address this issue on a daily basis. Scraps, overruns, discards … there is so much material that could be used by artists and budding artists, if only it were not being thrown into the trash.

Enter, WonderRoot, “uniting artists and community to inspire positive social change.” We are here to save the environment from having to absorb all of those discarded materials. We’re snatching that “stuff” from the clutches of the landfill and bringing it to you for you to explore your own creativity. Sometimes it will be free — at community outreach events — and sometimes you will need to pay a little bit for it — at our pop-up stores — stay tuned for more about that!!.

Box of finished business cards

Next in the series:

Who we are


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