“New” business cards — the creative reuse way

An array of cereal boxes

Start with cereal boxes


So you want to make your own business cards? Maybe you want them to look a little different, but not as different as a clothes pin. We have a how-to just for you. And it involves creative reuse, our favorite past-time.



What You’ll Need:Pen, scissors, cereal box, business card template

1. Empty boxes: cereal, crackers, granola bars
2. Commercial labels with permanent adhesive*
3. Pencil or pen and paper for sketching
4. A business card to use as a template
5. Scissors — and a paper cutter, if possible
6. Computer and printer so you can print labels

Cutting a business card out of cardboard

Trace and cut

1) Save empty cereal boxes. Cracker and granola bar boxes will work, too, ‘cause it’s the cardboard we’re after, not what was inside.

2) With scissors, cut each box along one long edge so it will lie flat in a single layer.

Sketch of a business card

Sketch it out!

3) Using a business card as your template, trace the card on one of the cardboard boxes. Standard business card size is 2” x 3.5”.

4) If you have access to a good paper cutter, use that. You can cut the cards out with scissors, but your hand may hurt before you have a lot of cards.

A package of shipping labels

Print labels

5) Sketch out the wording for your business card on a piece of paper. Play around with the layout and the wording. Email address? URL? Phone number? You decide how your card will represent you.

6) On the computer, type the wording for your cards and format the text for the size of the labels you’re using. We used 2″ x 4″ labels, slightly larger than the business card.

7) Print as many labels as you will need, and stick each one on a cut-out card. We’ve chosen to stick the label on the plain side and let the cereal box design show on the other side. To us, this screams “REUSE,” and that’s the message we want to send.

Box of finished business cards

Finished cards

8) If your labels do not fit the card exactly, trim off the excess label to make a neater card.

*If you don’t want to purchase labels, you can write, draw, or stamp on the cardboard instead of using labels.

Front of business cards


Back of business cards



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