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When Milford Earl Thomas’ boss offered event space at their restaurant, Silk, for a RE-AWESOME RE-CYCLED HAPPY HOUR, well, how could he say no? I LOVED this show. Creative reuse galore! Handcrafted wallets, bags, key chains met me at the bar — useful items made of discarded clothing along with painted canvas by Inga and Evija of Efi Designs. “Hey, look at that wallet, that was my girlfriend’s flannel shirt, I know it was.” See more of their work at

Continuing into a private room off the bar at Silk, Milford’s art mixes vintage photographs with other repurposed materials for a nostalgic mixed-media effect. I got misty-eyed looking at some of these pieces. My photos here do not do them justice, the detail is exquisite. Check out Then, what do you get when you combine a shoe (yes, one) and a purse — is it a shpurse? Chris Stevens has hit on a niche and he shines! These bags are elegant and sassy and you can really use them as purses. One-of-a-kind treasures made from shoes and purses that he has found: creative reuse! Boys like them, too.

How do you describe a pendant that’s made to look like a book filled with pages from a map? And it’s tiny! That’s Jeanne Flint’s brand of creative reuse. I love her work! Who knew a pencil stub could be adorable hanging from a necklace? Jeanne combines fine metalworking with found objects to create wearable art. And her birds! See more about Jeanne at I’m so glad I went to this show! I made some new friends and became a fan. Work of this caliber reminds us how fulfilling creative reuse can be!


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  1. jeanneflint says:

    Nice post Susan! Glad you could join us. Looking forward to next time…

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