A shining star, our first donor!


Replacing a chair seat cover

Mary gets creative with the hammer

Recovering a chair seat: using the staplerMary staples fabric to chair seat

Today, March 1, 2011 is an historical day! How’s that, you ask? Drumroll, please: WonderRoot Creative Reuse just received its first monetary donation! Mary Civille, our good friend and storage space sharer, has decided to support WRCR in more ways than one. She’s a trailblazer. A visionary.

While we have already received donations of materials for creative reuse, Mary’s was our first monetary donation. And we couldn’t be more excited! Monetary donations will help us get started with our outreach programs, help pop-up our pop-up shops, and enable us to get supplies for our craft mobile events (which, quite literally, brings creative reuse to YOU!).

Mary, we love you!! Those of you who don’t know Mary, she doesn’t consider herself “crafty,” though she did recently wield a staple gun to recover the seats of her dining room chairs. And in our book, if you’re doing it yourself, especially with hand tools, that’s crafty enough for us. Mary also believes in our purpose: to promote environmental awareness, artistic expression and community through the collection and redistribution of salvaged materials for creative reuse. Mary, you’re the best. You will forever be our first donor.

If you’d like to make history in our eyes and support WonderRoot’s Creative Reuse start-up efforts, then follow Mary’s lead and send your check to WonderRoot, P.O. Box 89018 Atlanta, GA, 30312. Attn: WonderRoot Creative Reuse. And don’t forget to write on the check, next to the word “For,” “WonderRoot Creative Reuse.” All donations, monetary as well as materials, are tax deductible. THANK YOU!


About Susan

One of the founders of WonderRoot Creative Reuse.
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