Business cards…or something more?

While we at WRCR are working on lots of “Year1” tasks, we have really been looking forward to the otherwise boring task of acquiring business cards. We got another reminder of the potential behind our enthusiasm when one of our friends reposted this cool article from  There are probably dozens of things in your house you can turn into business cards!  All we have to do is look at these pictures to get even MORE inspired:

Who doesn't have more of these than they need?

Maybe crude, but definitely memorable!

Beautiful stamp on coffee bag idea.

A great idea for people with existing business cards to make them stand out. All you need is some ribbon and a hole punch!

My personal favorite! Tasty, unique and memorable. Amazing!

Check back soon for OUR creative idea for WRCR business cards and a DIY how-to guide for you guys.


About Sydney

One of the 4 founders of WonderRoot Creative Reuse and DAMN proud of it!
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